Our services

Litigation, Prevention, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Advising and representing high-ranking public officials on compliance with rules regarding administrative probity.
  • Advising and representing local governments in litigation before higher courts regarding public employment and probity, urban planning and construction, and municipal taxes.
  • Handling litigation before the Constitutional Court related to the protection of trade union freedom, special procedures, and gender-based discrimination.
  • Litigating fundamental rights before the courts and the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights.
  • Litigating before the Electoral Court concerning candidacy registration, election legality, and administrative probity..
  • Preventing conflicts of interest (and non-judicial resolution) among economic agents and sectoral regulatory bodies, whether before administrative bodies or the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  • Resolving public-private disputes in regulated sectors (urban planning and construction, food, etc.).
  • Representing private individuals seeking sanctions and reparations before Superintendencies or other bodies in regulated markets.
  • Advising and representing in public procurement matters before the Public Procurement Court, for a leading company in the public infrastructure market.
  • Advising on the prevention, resolution, and discipline of sexual and workplace harassment, both in the workplace and in education. In the past year, we have developed programs for the implementation of Law No. 21.369.
  • Advising and representing individuals in their relationship with public bodies in the accounting and management of public funds (subsidies, scholarships, agreements, etc.), either in administrative proceedings or before the Comptroller General of the Republic, as well as the relevant courts.


Legal Reports and Opinions

  • Legal reports on fundamental rights, whether social rights such as the right to equality, for strategic decision-making.
  • Reports on intellectual property in highly complex litigation cases.
  • Legal reports on constitutional aspects of legal changes in regulated markets, such as industrial and artisanal fishing.
  • Issuance of studies and reports on constitutional change and its impact on regulated markets (public utility services).
  • Legal reports on communal urban planning and acquired rights.
  • Legal reports on formal defects in an electric power transmission concession.
  • Legal reports on the application of the doctrine of one's own act and the protection of legitimate trust in public works concession contracts.
  • Legal reports on the scope of regulatory authorities' normative, inspection, and sanctioning powers in relation to the constitutional rights of economic agents.
  • Legal reports on the allocation of resources by public bodies.
  • Legal reports aimed at clarifying the scope of powers of state bodies (Judiciary, Ministries, Presidential Advisory Committees, Superintendencies).